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Welcome to this enchanting world with Micah, a visionary floral designer with an artistic passion deeply rooted in the beauty of flowers. With a journey that began straight out of school, Micah has blossomed into a renowned florist, dedicating over 30 years to mastering the art of floral design. Her business, known affectionately as Mrs Bouquets, stands as a testament to her enduring commitment and love for wedding floral artistry.

Based in the picturesque county of Hampshire,

Micah's exquisite creations breathe life into weddings across the South of England, covering Sussex, Surrey, Dorset, and the

vibrant heart of London.

Renowned for her ability

to harness the transformative power of flowers,

Micah believes in their ability

to make a simple yet profound statement

, captivating the senses through a harmonious

blend of colour, scent, and texture.



Every wedding is a unique tapestry of love and dreams, and Micah, alongside her dedicated team, pours her passion into every petal and leaf, ensuring that the essence of each couple's love story is reflected in their floral designs. Specialising in wedding floral art, Micah's creations are meticulously crafted in her workshop, where each bloom is selected with the utmost care and precision.







Understanding the significance of personal touch, Micah offers complimentary consultation appointments. Whether on-site, at your chosen venue, or a location close to your heart, these sessions are a collaborative haven where ideas bloom and inspirations flourish. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of individual style, Micah crafts bespoke floral designs that not only complement but elevate the overall theme of your wedding day.







Since embracing her niche in wedding floristry in 2008, Micah's expertise and creativity have not gone unnoticed. Mrs Bouquets is a cherished name, recommended by some of the most prestigious venues in Hampshire and beyond, a nod to the quality, elegance, and distinctiveness of her work.

The journey with Micah and her team is one of personal dedication and meticulous attention to detail. From the initial consultation to the magical day itself, they are committed to understanding your vision, guiding your ideas from imagination to breathtaking reality.


Welcome to Mrs Bouquets, where the language of flowers speaks the story of your love, and where Micah's enduring passion for floral artistry transforms your wedding day into an unforgettable tapestry of colour, fragrance, and beauty.

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